flying manual

Skywalk Tequila 5 Seitenklapper Sidecollapse Gleitschirm Paraglider
Nova Mentor 6 paraglider side collapse
Seitenklapper Phi Maestro während eines testfluges für das flying manual von intothesky.
Seitenklapper Ozone Rush 5 während eines testfluges für das flying manual von intothesky.
Seitenklapper mit dem Airdesign Rise 3 während eines testfluges für das flying manual von intothesky.
Nova Prion 4 flying manual
Sidecollapse ant trimmspeed with the Phi Tenor. Testpilot Pascal Purin from intothesky performs it like it is tested during the EN LTF procedure.
#Glider introduction
Chapter 1
overview about the glider
technical data
checking period
manufactorer´s note
EN/LTF classification
Pascal Purin (AUT3) seen during the Red Bull X-Alps at Pass Turlo, Italy on July 11, 2017.
#takeoff & groundhandling
Chapter 2
let´s see how your wing is
best to takeoff and check out the
groundhandling characteristics.
#flying behavior
Chapter 3
brake travel
brake pressure
Big ears at trimmspeed with the Phi Tenor.
#rapid descents
Chapter 4
big ears in trimm- and fullspeed
deep spiral
Chapter 5
let´s find out how your glider reacts in different collapses and how you can recover from such situations
Pascal Purin performing a fullstall with the Nova Mentor.
Chapter 6
Let´s find out everything about
parachutal stall
Glider review and flying manual. Give it all Pascal Purin
Chapter 7
let´s do it!
and more!
Chapter 8
landing characteristics
Flying manual intothesky packing a glider
Chapter 9
perfect packing


Our vision is a sky full of self-confident & safe paragliding pilots all over the world!


As a paraglider pilot/buyer, it is not easy to extract useful and practically relevant information about a glider from official test reports (EN / LTF or DHV safety test). As a result pilots often choose a paraglider that does not suit their own skills and are often overwhelmed in the air.

Our mission command is to give pilots a visual (video recording) and honest insight into the behavior and characteristics of various gliders in different areas as well as providing solutions and tips.

The „Flying Manual“ serves to prepare the pilot for what he/she is dealing with in the air!

It allows every pilot to get to know a paraglider in advance and clarify the characteristic of a glider to support them professionally to find the one matching their flying skills level.

Risk factors such as insecurity and excessive demands are thereby reduced while the pilots self-confidence, safety & joy increases. verwendet Cookies, um die Nutzerfreundlichkeit zu verbessern. Mit der weiteren Verwendung stimmst du dem zu. Vielen Dank Datenschutzerklärung